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@@ -10,8 +10,8 @@ I'm a big fan of understanding what I'm using, so here's a quick explanation: Th
== Quicklinks
-* <b>Documentation:</b>
-* <b>Live rails example:</b>
+* <b>Documentation:</b> {}[]
+* <b>Live rails example:</b> {}[]
== Install and use
@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ Now your view. Notice you can use your search object <b>just like</b> an ActiveR
Nice and simple. 2 lines in your controller, no "cruft" in your models, pagination as simple as calling the "page" and "per_page" helpers, ordering as simple as calling "order_by", and all searching conditions in 1 spot: your form. For documentation on helpers see Searchgasm::Helpers::FormHelper and Searchgasm::Helpers::SearchHelper.
-<b>See this example live:</b>
+<b>See this example live: {}[]</b>
== Simple Searching Example
@@ -326,9 +326,9 @@
== Credits
-Author: [Ben Johnson]( of [Binary Logic](
+Author: {Ben Johnson}[] of {Binary Logic}[]
-Credit to [Zack Ham]( and [Robert Malko]( for helping with feature suggestions.
+Credit to {Zack Ham}[] and {Robert Malko}[] for helping with feature suggestions.
-Copyright (c) 2008 [Ben Johnson]( of [Binary Logic](, released under the MIT license
+Copyright (c) 2008 {Ben Johnson}[] of {Binary Logic}[], released under the MIT license

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