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<b>Searchlogic has been <em>completely</em> rewritten for v2. It is much simpler and has taken an entirely new approach. To give you an idea, v1 had ~2300 lines of code, v2 has ~350 lines of code.</b>
+<b>Attention v1 users. v2 breaks backwards compatibility. Please make sure your gem declaration for searchlogic looks like this so that you app does not break when the gem is updated: config.gem "searchlogic", :version => "~> 1.6.6"</b>
Searchlogic is a library that leverages named scopes to make searching in your application simple.
+== Install & use
+In your console:
+ sudo gem install searchlogic
+In your rails project:
+ # config/environment.rb
+ config.gem "searchlogic"
+That's it, you are ready to go. See below for usage examples.
== Search using conditions on columns
Instead of explaining what Searchlogic can do, let me show you. Let's start at the top:

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