How can I use OR with a GROUP of ANDS? #129

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I want to do the equivalent of (Ay) OR (Cy). how can i do that?

Right now, I am creating separate queries:

@companies_with_email = Company.contact_emails_date_sent_gt(@monday).
                               find(:all, :select => "distinct companies.*")  || [] 

@companies_with_calls = Company.contact_calls_date_sent_gt(@monday).
                               find(:all, :select => "distinct companies.*")  || []  

And then I @companies_with_calls + @companeis_with_emails

But this will continue to create problems since I don't want duplicates.

I'd like to be able to do it within searchlogic, is this possible?

graywh commented Jul 6, 2012

I'm using searchlogic in an old rails 2.3 app (using ransack with all 3.x apps; really need to upgrade this one) and just ran into a case that could use this functionality.

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