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wspider commented Jan 14, 2012

Please help me in searchlogic for rails 3.1.1. my whole application using searchlogic. I dont know what i do now its not working with Rails 3.1.1. can you people help us its work for rails 3.1.1 and above...

Hi, as now, maybe you can use this fork: https://github.com/railsdog/searchlogic it (should) works for Rails 3.x


johndouthat commented Mar 14, 2012

It only works with 3.0.x :/

Thats right, sorry I miss it, besides, I'll need to find some another gem or kind of to do the "search thing"...

cuzic4n commented Dec 20, 2012



binarylogic commented Apr 10, 2013

This is coming

May I know whether it supports rails 3.2?

I suggesst everyone bite the bullet and rewrite using Ransack.

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