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Searchlogic Example

This is an example of how to use Searchlogic in a rails app. Searchlogic is simple searching, ordering, and pagination all in one plugin.

This application live:

Quick tutorial on how to build this application here:


Key files

Here are the files you want to glance at:

1. All of the controllers and their respective views 2. config/initializers/searchlogic.rb

Generate Test Data

First you need to install the Populator and Faker gems. You can do this by either using rails' gems task

rake gems:install

or by installing the gems manually

sudo gem install populator

sudo gem install faker

After you have set up the gems and migrated your database you can generate the data:

rake db:populate

The populate task will create 8 user groups with 0 to 150 users each. Each user can have upto 7 orders. (see lib/tasks/populate.rb)

Copyright © 2008 Ben Johnson of Binary Logic, released under the MIT license