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Document new suppress_errors option.

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@@ -114,6 +114,22 @@ Modifying our model example:
This would allow you to specify a custom value for per_page just for posts, or
to fall back to your default value if not specified.
+=== 4. Suppressing Exceptions Conditionally
+Raising exceptions for missing settings helps highlight configuration problems. However, in a
+Rails app it may make sense to suppress this in production and return nil for missing settings.
+While it's useful to stop and highlight an error in development or test environments, this is
+often not the right answer for production.
+ class Settings < Settingslogic
+ source "#{Rails.root}/config/application.yml"
+ namespace Rails.env
+ suppress_errors Rails.env.production?
+ end
+ >> Settings.non_existent_key
+ => nil
== Note on Sinatra / Capistrano / Vlad
Each of these frameworks uses a +set+ convention for settings, which actually defines methods

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