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during initialization, raise an error that indicates that the namespa…

…ce in question is not defined in the YAML file rather than ending up with a nil object that we try to replace self with
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1 parent 9bcaf8e commit a75d68434424c3ee244a4767179d8742ee38add5 @fallwith fallwith committed Nov 25, 2010
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@@ -103,7 +103,9 @@ def initialize(hash_or_file = self.class.source, section = nil)
self.replace hash_or_file
hash = YAML.load(
- hash = hash[self.class.namespace] if self.class.namespace
+ if self.class.namespace
+ hash = hash[self.class.namespace] or raise MissingSetting, "Missing setting '#{self.class.namespace}' in #{hash_or_file}"
+ end
self.replace hash
@section = section || self.class.source # so end of error says "in application.yml"

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