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Hi Ben,

I took the feedback from the previous pull request and modified the Gemfile:

  1. Using development group so Jeweler will generate gemspec w/ add_development_dependency
  2. Fixed another bug in rspec/rcov rake tasks I found while testing gemspec generation

Thanks for the patience, sorry I managed to hose the autogenerated config with my addition of the Gemfile.

Hopefully this sets it right.

Winfield Pet... added some commits Jan 7, 2012
Winfield Peterson Fix Ruby 1.8 compat in Gemfile w/ development group.
Fix issues with correct ruby-debug include for 1.8 vs. 1.9 compatibility.

Also, group all development gems into a development group so jeweler will auto-generate the gemspec correctly.
Winfield Peterson Fix rspec/rcov rake tasks.
Adds rcov support back in, fix rake tasks for rspec and rcov.
Winfield Peterson Adds rcov to gemfile. 2b6d4ac
@ghost ghost merged commit d1ffd52 into binarylogic:master Jan 9, 2012
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