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Add travis-ci config #49

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6 participants

Murahashi Sanemat Kenichi Justin Grevich Erik Gustavson Mitin Pavel Mark Nathan Lee
Murahashi Sanemat Kenichi

Would you set travis-ci?

Justin Grevich

:+1: can you update with the latest rubies and rebase your commit?

Murahashi Sanemat Kenichi

@jgrevich I added ruby 2.1.2 and squashed, done:bowtie:

Justin Grevich

Awesome @sanemat ! Now we need to get these PRs pushed through :) @yourewelcome @MitinPavel what do you think?

Erik Gustavson


Mitin Pavel

I don’t even know why I would even be against the commit :)

Justin Grevich

Does anyone else have commit access other than @yourewelcome ? If not, @yourewelcome , what do you think about electing a few people to help with PRs?

Nathan Lee

@jgrevich See issue #71

Erik Gustavson goosetav merged commit 55648ef into from
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Commits on Jun 3, 2014
  1. Murahashi Sanemat Kenichi

    Add travis-ci config

    sanemat authored
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6 .travis.yml
@@ -0,0 +1,6 @@
+language: ruby
+ - 1.8.7
+ - 1.9.3
+ - 2.0.0
+ - 2.1.2
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