Settingslogic#to_nested_hash converts nested Settingslogic objects to Hash objects #50

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drnic commented May 4, 2013


hash = Settings.to_nested_hash
hash.class.should == Hash
hash["language"].class.should == Hash
hash["language"]["haskell"].class.should == Hash
hash["language"]["haskell"]["paradigm"].class.should == String

Also a #save(path) method which uses to_nested_hash

drnic commented May 4, 2013

This should be the basis for allowing a Settingslogic object to be successfully saved and reloaded.

drnic referenced this pull request in cloudfoundry-community-attic/bosh-bootstrap May 4, 2013


Replace settingslogic with first-class models representing contents of manifest.yml #143

drnic commented May 4, 2013

Bonus request: Can 2.0.9 be released with this patch please?

drnic commented May 4, 2013

Added #save(path) method

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