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SSL certificates cookbook for Chef
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Installs and configures SSL certificates for a node.

This cookbook is inspired by the 37 Signals SSL certificates cookbook.


Only tested on Debian 6.0.


SSL certificates are defined in the "certificates" cookbook.

  "id": "my_ssl_cert",
  "name": "",
  "key": "[raw SSL key]",
  "crt": "[raw SSL crt]",
  "pem": "[raw SSL pem]",
  "ca_bundle": "[raw SSL ca-bundle]"

To install a SSL certificate on a node, use the SSL certificate definition in your recipe, like this:

ssl_certificate ''

To create a certificate file combined of the crt and the ca-bundle (e.g. for nginx), set the attribute ca_bundle_combined:

ssl_certificate `` do
  ca_bundle_combined true
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