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Jul 11, 2015
Jul 11, 2015

3WiFi Database

(c) 2015-2022 Anton Kokarev et al.

This project was created to collect data from Router Scan log reports, search for access points, obtain its geolocation coordinates, and display it on world map.


  1. Disable display of errors, warnings, and notices in php.ini
  2. Make sure your web server is set up to apply .htaccess policies per directory
  3. Make sure you have installed bcmath, curl, mysqli, and simplexml php extensions

Installation steps:

  1. Copy all required files to your /www directory
  2. Create database (execute 3wifi.sql to create tables)
  3. Copy config.php-distr to config.php
  4. Edit config.php (DB_SERV, DB_NAME, DB_USER, DB_PASS etc)
  5. (optional) Turn on memory tables (in the config.php define TRY_USE_MEMORY_TABLES as true)
  6. (optional) Use once to import old format database
  7. Start all background daemons:
# Upload routine loads data into database
php -f 3wifid.php uploads
# Finalize routine prepares tasks for finalization
php -f 3wifid.php finalize
# Geolocate routine locates new added BSSIDs on map
php -f 3wifid.php geolocate
# Stats routine caches statistics (use only when stats caching enabled)
php -f 3wifid.php stats
# Memory table manager (use only with memory tables enabled)
php -f 3wifid.php memory

Database maintenance:

# Recheck not found BSSIDs in the database
php -f 3wifid.php recheck

Before running the daemons, make sure that php-cli interpreter is accessible from your directory.