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#A | N | A | G | R | A | M | I | C | A

##A word game and API for anagrams

###About: Anagramica is a game I originally wrote in a weekend in November 2011, and then expanded with features on another weekend. I originally had the idea for the game after wanting to learn CSS3 transforms and had a vision of flipping letters around on a board, like Wheel of Fortune or something. I wanted to do something somewhat original, and had the idea for the acronym finding algorithm in my head ever since reading Programming Pearls (which is a great book). The game runs with a node backend, and works in all modern browsers - even in IE8! Features I thought of but never implemented, were to implement 2 player head-to-head, and a better touch UI.

###Play: A playable version is available at

Made with love by Max Irwin (