A WordPress starter theme. It's the code I use to start all of my Pro Theme Design themes.
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Granule - A WordPress Starter Theme.

It's the code I use to start all of my Pro Theme Design themes.

The theme was initially based on Darren Hoyts Gravy theme, but has evolved over many years of developing themes for wordpress.com. It now takes inspiration from _s as being a simple theme to use as a starting point for creating new themes.

Things to note:

  • It is not a theme framework or a parent theme.
  • The theme code does not care about backwards compatibility. There's no need since the theme is not a parent theme.
  • The code always supports the latest version of WordPress, bckwards compatability is not considered.
  • WordPress coding standards should be followed. I do this locally using PHPCS, with the WordPress Coding Standards.
  • Docblocks are used extensively so that I can generate code documentation. This is a relatively recent addition and something I am iterating on.
  • Accessibility is baked in (following the WordPress.org standards). However I am sure it's not perfect and is something I am keen to improve.

Example Themes

Below is a selection of the recent themes that Granule was used to create:


  • Supports most major WordPress functionality (Custom header, Site Logo etc)
  • Supports most Jetpack functionality (Featured Content, Infinite Scroll, Portfolios, Social Menus - and more) - see jetpack.php for more.
  • Follows the wordpress.com theme developer guidelines.
  • Pure CSS dropdown menu (with a smattering of js for compatability).
  • SVG Icons
  • SASS styles
  • Boilerplate Customizer code

Using Granule

To use the theme as a starter theme I recommend checking out all of the files and then placing both the __sass and granule directories into your wp-content/themes folder. You can then either hack away on granule, or create a copy of the granule folder and use that to create your themes. Either way you will need to do a case sensitive search and replace on all instances of the name granule.

About the __sass Directory

The __sass directory is used as a global library for setting website and WordPress default properties. I use the same library in all Pro Theme Design themes (older themes use something similar made in LESS). I keep the SASS library out of the theme so that themes can share the same code (DRY) and I can edit the library and update all themes at once.

Many of the library properties are stored in variables in the __sass/lib/variables directory. These can be overriden in the granule/assets/sass/lib/_variables.scss