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NOTE: unmaintained, insecure dependencies. For teaching purposes only.
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Rakefile Software Store 2.1

This is an instance of the Spree ecommerce framework written in Ruby on Rails. You can see the latest version of it running at

You can read a post I wrote on how to get it working under Vagrant. You will at least need to make a copy of database.yml to get this store running. You should really read the post for all of the details.

It is a fairly vanilla implementation with a few important extensions and customizations. The theme is stock with minor tweaks.

The big changes include:

A note about the seal: it won't work for your site as is because it has our customer id encoded in it, which will only recognize from our domain. You'll need to customize it with your own id.

If you're just learning about how to work with Spree, the commit history on this project is a fine place to look, especially at the beginning of the history. The starting commits are well-groomed because with every minor release I create a new repository and regroom all of the commits from the last release into a small set of focused commits. The commits which come after those ones then devolve into the normal everyday maintenance, so they are a little more opaque, but they can still be useful to examine.

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