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Repository for community built displays for Black & Latino owned businesses.
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BLiT Businesses Community React Apps

This is an Open Source project under the MIT License intended for educational purposes. BLiT provides an API endpoint and free static hosting to by utilized contributors. This project aims to help developers learn the concepts of consuming APIs and contributing to Open Source.


How to contribute:

  1. Fork binarywhisperer/blit-businesses repository to your-github-account/blit-businesses ( Done at )
  2. Clone project locally. git pull origin your-github-account/blit-businesses
  3. Open project locally for editing in your IDE or text editor of choice.
  4. Create a new branch. git checkout -b branch-name ( It is best practice to avoid pushing to master at all cost. )
  5. Navigate to the /blit-businesses/community directory. cd community
  6. Create a new Create React App project. npx create-react-app your-name-here
  7. Edit .gitignore change /build to #/build. ( WARNING! Normally you don't commit these files to your repository, but the static hosting provided by BLiT does not provide a build step option yet. )
  8. Edit your project by watching local files. npm run start
  9. Make your page. Refer to /blit-businesses/community/myiah or other projects in the /community directory for inspiration.
  10. BUILD YOUR FINAL PROJECT FILES! npm run build ( WARNING! Normally automated as part of your build process. See note after #7 )
  11. Commit your changes to your fork of the repository. git add . then git commit -am "Detailed commit messages save lives" then git push origin branch-name
  12. Merge your branch-name into your master
  13. Create Pull Request from your master into binarywhisperer/blit-businesses

Once merged, your changes will be live at and you will have successfully contributed to our open source project.


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