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Mojito Application - Hybrid Example

See it in Action

Here is an example of a News Headline Application for either a Phone or a Tablet. Both are built with Mojito , run 100% in the browser and are served via Github Pages.

Getting Up and Running

First clone this repo.

git clone git://

Then install Mojito.

npm install mojito -g

Now run the example.

cd ./mojito_app_hybrid_example/mojito/app

mojito start

Now go to http://localhost:8666/

You can view the URL from a desktop web browser, an iPad and an iPhone or Android phone. Each one will provide you with a slightly different experience that fits the device.


Note: The following depend on as yet un-applied Mojito patchs, and

Building Web Applications

To build webapps for both "phone" and "tablet" run the following script.


This creates two directories "./builds/webapp/phone" and "./builds/webapp/tablet". Each directory contains all the files required to run the application 100% in a browser, no server side processing is required.

You can test the applications by running either;




And then going to http://localhost:3000/index.html in a browser. Note: Depending on the browser you are using you may have to force a reload of the URL to clear the cache.

Building for Phonegap

To build a "phone" application for Phonegap run the following script.




The results can be found at "./builds/phonegap/[os]/phone".