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Tycho Demo for EclipseCon 2012
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<title>EclipseCon 2012 Tycho Tutorial</title>
<h1>EclipseCon 2012 Tycho Tutorial</h1>

<li>You need a Juno M6 eclipse classic SDK  with m2eclipse, m2e Tycho configurators and e4 Tools installed.<br/>
   For your convenience, we provide <a href="../">pre-packaged zips/tarballs</a> with this installation in the root folder of the USB stick. </li>
<li>Copy and unpack the eclipse SDK archive for your platform and start it.<br/> NOTE: for the 64-bit versions you will need a 64-bit JVM installed</li>
<li>Copy folder <tt>tutorial/</tt> to your local harddrive, e.g. to <tt>C:\temp\tycho\</tt> or <tt>~/tycho/</tt></li>

<h2>Exercises Overview:
Building an e4 RCP application in five step-by-step exercises</h2>

The hands-on exercises will guide you through setting up a 
typical Tycho build for an e4 RCP application.<br/>
<li>We start from scratch with a small "Hello World" e4 RCP plugin,</li>
<li>Add a simple unit test to make sure the plugin works, and</li>
<li>Create a feature for grouping the plugins we want to deliver.</li>
<li>Then, we create a p2 repository/update site containing our feature(s)
and bundles, and </li>
<li>Finally, build a ready-to-use distribution archive of our RCP application.</li>

<h2>Table Of Contents</h2>
The exercises consist of five steps:
<li> <a href="exercises/Exercise_01_Create_RCP_Bundle/README.html">Build a simple e4 RCP plugin</a></li>
<li> <a href="exercises/Exercise_02_Add_Test_Fragment/tychodemo.parent/README.html">Build and execute a simple test</a></li>
<li> <a href="exercises/Exercise_03_Add_Feature/tychodemo.parent/README.html">Add a feature</a></li>
<li> <a href="exercises/Exercise_04_Add_P2_Repository/tychodemo.parent/README.html">Add a p2 repository</a></li>
<li> <a href="exercises/Exercise_05_Add_Product/tychodemo.parent/README.html">Build a product</a>
  (<a href="exercises/Exercise_05_Solution/">solution</a>)</li>

Each step has a subfolder with stub content as a starting point.<br/>
The links above give detailed step-by-step instructions for each step.<br/>
The folder for an exercise is at the same time starting point for the current exercise and solution of the previous one.<br/>
If you want to catch up to a certain step during the exercises, 
just follow the recovery instructions provided in the corresponding step.
If you successfully installed everything under "Setup" above,
you can now jump to the <a href="exercises/Exercise_01_Create_RCP_Bundle/README.html">first exercise</a>.
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