Docker image to run Binci on top of AWS CodeBuild
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Binci Box: AWS CodeBuild

Docker image to run Binci on top of AWS CodeBuild.


Project setup in the CodeBuild console

Set up a CodeBuild project with a custom container, and specify this one. Under "Advanced", check the "Privileged" checkbox.

Writing buildspec.yml

In the root of your repo, create a file named buildspec.yml and populate it with the following (edit where necessary):

# To be run on binci/aws-codebuild
version: 0.2

      - dockerd_start
      - binci test

When you choose to run builds on a custom container, AWS ignores the Docker ENTRYPOINT, which Amazon uses to start the docker daemon in their own containers. Therefore, the dockerd_start command in the pre_build path above is necessary to make sure Docker is running before starting Binci.


All content in this repository is openly licensed under the MIT license unless otherwise noted. Original content is Copyright 2017 by the Binci Team.