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A modular toolset for Conan package tools
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Bincrafters Package Tools

A modular toolset for Conan package tools

This project contains files used by Conan Package Tools for all kinds of bincrafters builds.

These scripts are used during build process to allow for rapid testing and prototyping at this time.


To install by pip is just one step


If you want to install by local copy

pip install .

Or if you want to download our pip package

pip install bincrafters_package_tools


We listed two common examples:


All variables supported by Conan package tools, are treated by Bincrafters package tools as well. To solve the upload, some variables are customized by default:

CONAN_REFERENCE: Fields name and version from
CONAN_USERNAME: Get from CI env vars. Otherwise, use bincrafters
CONAN_VERSION: Get from CI env vars.
CONAN_VERSION: Field version from
CONAN_UPLOAD_ONLY_WHEN_STABLE: True for default template. False for Boost builds.
CONAN_ARCHS: Only x86_64 per default. To build 32-bit and 64-bit use e.g. [x86_64, x86]

BINTRAY_REPOSITORY: Bintray repository name. This variable replaces "public-conan" for CONAN_UPLOAD.

Testing and Development

To install extra packages required to test

pip install .[test]


To run all unit test + code coverage, just execute:

pip install -r bincrafters/requirements_test.txt
cd tests
pytest -v --cov=bincrafters


To develop or run Bincrafters package tools, Conan package tools will be required However, you could solve by pip

pip install -r bincrafters/requirements.txt


There are two ways to upload this project.

Travis CI

After to create a new tag, the package will be uploaded automatically to Pypi.
Both username and password (encrypted) are in travis file.
Only one job (python 2.7) will upload, the second one will be skipped.

Command line

To upload this package on pypi (legacy mode):

pip install twine
python sdist
twine upload dist/*



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