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Conan recipe for wxWidgets library
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Conan package recipe for wxwidgets

wxWidgets is a C++ library that lets developers create applications for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other platforms with a single code base.

The packages generated with this conanfile can be found on Bintray.


If you wish to report an issue or make a request for a package, please do so here:

Issues Tracker

For Users

Basic setup

$ conan install wxwidgets/3.1.2@bincrafters/stable

Project setup

If you handle multiple dependencies in your project is better to add a conanfile.txt



Complete the installation of requirements for your project running:

$ mkdir build && cd build && conan install ..

Note: It is recommended that you run conan install from a build directory and not the root of the project directory. This is because conan generates conanbuildinfo files specific to a single build configuration which by default comes from an autodetected default profile located in ~/.conan/profiles/default . If you pass different build configuration options to conan install, it will generate different conanbuildinfo files. Thus, they should not be added to the root of the project, nor committed to git.

Build and package

The following command both runs all the steps of the conan file, and publishes the package to the local system cache. This includes downloading dependencies from "build_requires" and "requires" , and then running the build() method.

$ conan create . bincrafters/stable

Available Options

Option Default Possible Values
shared False [True, False]
fPIC True [True, False]
unicode True [True, False]
compatibility 3.0 ['2.8', '3.0', '3.1']
zlib zlib [None, 'system', 'zlib']
png libpng [None, 'system', 'libpng']
jpeg libjpeg [None, 'system', 'libjpeg', 'libjpeg-turbo', 'mozjpeg']
tiff libtiff [None, 'system', 'libtiff']
expat expat [None, 'system', 'expat']
secretstore True [True, False]
aui True [True, False]
opengl True [True, False]
html True [True, False]
mediactrl False [True, False]
propgrid True [True, False]
debugreport True [True, False]
ribbon True [True, False]
richtext True [True, False]
sockets True [True, False]
stc True [True, False]
webview True [True, False]
xml True [True, False]
xrc True [True, False]
cairo True [True, False]

Add Remote

$ conan remote add bincrafters ""

Conan Recipe License

NOTE: The conan recipe license applies only to the files of this recipe, which can be used to build and package wxwidgets. It does not in any way apply or is related to the actual software being packaged.


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