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Collection of current templates used in Conan recipes
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This repository contains "templates" for Git repositories hosting 3rdParty Conan recipes and related files for setting up Continuous Integration services and GitHub. Please report questions or problems here:

Getting Files

To get the templates you can use GitHub's templates feature or copy the files manually.

Via GitHub Templates

Click on the following links to directly create new GitHub repositories with our templates:

alternatively, you can clone these repositories and manually copy all the files to a new repository.

Adapt The Template

Thoroughly review the following files, and edit any lines necessary:

  1. - Find/Replace package_name with your actual package name (3 places)
  2. conandata.yml - Replace version, download url and the SHA256 checksum (explanation)
  3. - Virtually every line may need editing
  4. test_package/ - Write a test case
  5. Test your recipe locally by runnning e.g. conan create . <libname>/<version>@ (notice the @)
  6. Create a git branch named testing/<version> and commit your work

Maintaining Templates

These templates will always contain some duplicate content. When a change is required, the most thorough and efficient approach is to use a mechanism which lets you search/find/replace all instances of a particular piece of text in all files at one time. Most graphical text editors have a feature for this, and command-line tools like sed are also capable of doing this. However, the differences between the templates are often subtle and intentional, so most changes should be considered separately in the context of the template. Use your best judgement to avoid mistakes.

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