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Running a bokeh server with Binder


This repository demonstrates how to run a Bokeh server from within Binder. To do so, we did the following things:

  1. Created a bokeh-app directory in the repo with a file in it. This is the application that will be served. We've added the Bokeh weather example as a demo.

  2. Installed bokeh for the viz and nbserverproxy which we'll use to direct people to the port on which Bokeh runs. See environment.yml.

  3. Added a custom server extension ( that will be run to direct people to the Bokeh app (which is run on a port)

  4. Used postBuild to enable the nbserverproxy extension, then set up and enable our custom server extension for Bokeh.

  5. Created a Binder link that uses urlpath to point users to the port on which the Bokeh server will run:

When people click on the Binder link, they should be directed to the running Bokeh app.