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Show how to use continuous integration to test your dependency specifications
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This is the continuous build repository, with example configurations (and a basic one set up to run on CircleCI) to show how you can use repo2docker to build a container that serves your notebook for others to use.


You will generally want to copy the .circleci folder and its contents to your own folder with some corresponding notebook and requirements file. For complete documentation, please see repo2docker on ReadTheDocs.

Examples Provided

Included in this example are:

  • .circleci: a hidden folder that contains the default configuration to build->deploy.
  • example.ipynb: an example ipython notebook that will be built in continuous integration
  • requirements.txt an example requirements.txt file for the example notebook.

The circle configuration will be automatically detected in a hidden folder (.circleci) that has a config.yml inside. In this repository, we have such a folder, and this can be considered the base template for you to work from.

Request an Example

We will be adding other example templates here as they are requested. For example, it would be useful to have further testing of the container, or conversion with nbconvert. These functions are not provided by default in the configuration above as they may not be desired for all users.

If you want to get help, or request an example, please let us know!

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