Install quilt data packages and use them in Binder notebooks
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Importing data with Quilt


Pull data into Binder notebooks

This example uses Quilt to inject data packages into a Jupyter notebook.

Data packages are versioned, immutable snapshots of data. Data packages may contain data of any size. Here is an example of data package: uciml/iris.

How to specify data dependencies in your own Binder

  1. Add quilt to requirements.txt

  2. Specify data package dependencies in quilt.yml (docs). For example:

  - vgauthier/DynamicPopEstimate   # get the latest version
  - danWebster/sgRNAs:a972d92      # get a specific hash (short hash)
  - akarve/sales:tag:latest        # get a specific tag
  - asah/snli:v:1.0                # get a specific version
  1. Include the following lines at the top of postBuild. (postBuild should be executable: chmod +x postBuild on UNIX, git update-index --chmod=+x postBuild for Windows).
quilt install

If you are adopting the binder folder pattern for your repo2docker configuration files, and including quilt.yml, your postBuild file should look like this:

quilt install @./binder/quilt.yml

More info about how to install data packages via the quilt install command is available here.

  1. Now you can access the package data in your Jupyter notebooks:
In [1]: from import sales
In [2]: sales.transactions()
      Row ID  Order ID Order Date Order Priority  Order Quantity       Sales  \
0          1         3 2010-10-13            Low               6    261.5400   
1         49       293 2012-10-01           High              49  10123.0200   
2         50       293 2012-10-01           High              27    244.5700