Demo for Stencila & Dar on binder with multiple Stencila documents in one repository
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Demo for Stencila & Dar on binder with multiple documents in one repository.


Learn more about Stencila and its integration with Binder in this blog post.

repo2docker automatically picks up all manifest.xml files and *.jats.xml files in a repository. The repository demonstrates how to

  • override the default MRAN date for R and install additional R packages, see files in the binder/ directory
  • select a specific Stencila document in the Stencila UI on Jupyter Hub

If you want to install a specific version of Stencila, e.g. the stencila R package or stencila/py, or the stencila-host npm package, then you must configure your own Dockerfile.

repo2docker goes through all directories and uses the first discovered manifest.xml as the default, in this case article/manifest.xml (with R code). To open the document in the directory brticle, append the URL parameter archive=<directory>:


Important notes

  • nested directories do not work, only documents at the same levels as the last discovered one can be opened.
  • only the source code languages of the first Dar are supported (in our example the Python Jupyter code cell one still works, because Jupyter is always installed, but other cells not)