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Ask Dave.xcodeproj


Ask Dave

Application Site:

Project Site:

SCM Portal:

Getting the source

The source code for this project is maintained using git (
The following instructions checkout the source code from the git repository
and creates the autotool files:

   git clone \
   cd AskDave

Git Branches

   docs   - branch contains documents related to the "Ask Dave" project
   master - branch should match the current release of "Ask Dave"
   next   - this branch is the staging area for the next release of "Ask Dave"
   pu     - this branch contains proposed updates for "Ask Dave"
   ??/*   - topical branches used for adding/testing new features of "Ask Dave"

Directory Map

   .git/              - Git repository (stores history)
   .gitignore         - list of files for Git to ignore
   Ask Dave.xcodeproj - Ask Dave Xcode project
   COPYING            - source code license (images are covered by the CC
                        BY-NC-ND copyright license)
   Entitlements.plist - entitlements file for AdHoc distribution
   README             - this file
   build/             - Xcode build directory (used for compiling the app)
   categories/        - contains source files for Objective-C categories
   classes/           - contains source files for Objective-C classes
   other/             - misc source files
   resources/         - resource files such as icons, images, etc
   resources/images/  - images licensed under the CC BY-NC-ND copyright
                        license by David Simmer II