converter for COMBINE archives and Research Objects
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CaRo -- CombineArchive & ResearchObject

This is going to be a converter between COMBINE archives and Research objects.

How the Tanslation is done


  • the documents in a container are called aggregates

Research Object to Combine Archive

  • For every aggregate:

    • the document is extracted to a temporary file
    • if the document is called /metadata.rdf or /manifest.xml we won't add it to the new Combine Archive, as thoses are special files in COMBINE archives
    • if the format is not provided by the research object: it is guessed using the Combine Ext's formatizer
    • a new combine archive entry is added to the new combine archive
    • annotations of the aggregate are translated into combine archive meta data
      • if the files is annotated with
  • remote files?

Combine Archive to Research Object


  • History files of a Research Object will stay in their locations. Thus, the CA will probably contain files in /.ro/ directory