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TORMATE is Tor's mate

Tor is a tool for annonymous communication over the internet. However, there are a number websites that block traffic from the Tor network (or require solving a captcha, which cannot be done by your RSS reader etc..). And that's why Tor needs a mate: TORMATE :)

TORMATE helps you fight against anti-anonymity.

Idea and Usage

You can think of TORMATE as a gate into the web of Tor-blockers. TORMATE can deliver resources from the legacy web, that would otherwise be inaccessible from the Tor network. Just submit the URL of the desired content throught a GET parameter and TORMATE will download the resource for you. For example, to get the content of, you would call the following URL (assuming that you installed TORMATE at https://tormate.url/tormate.php):


(please note that is also available from Tor without the need for TORMATE)

TORMATE will then check if it already cached the page behind If it's not in cache, it will download the page and store it in cache. Anyway, it will forward the content to your client application - including a forwarded status code, content-type, etag, and content-disposition if available. Cache settings and quotas can be configured.

Thus, in my RSS reader I can now add a feed of a Cloudflare (or similar) website, eg:



All you need to do is putting the files tormate.php and tormate-config.php into the same directory on your webserver. You should then be able to access http://your.server/dir/tormate.php, and TORMATE will show some help/usage messages.


The configuration can be done in the tormate-config.php file. TORMATE provides the following settings:

  • CACHE_DIR points to a directory that TORMATE can use to cache pages.
  • MAX_TIME is the time before a cached page becomes invalid.
  • MAX_CACHE is the maximum number of pages that can be cached. If this limit is reached, TORMATE will refuse to download new pages.
  • MAX_FILE_SIZE limits the file size that can be retrieved through TORMATE.
  • PROXY can be used to tunnel TORMATE's traffic through another proxy.

All limits can also be disabled. However, I recommend choosing proper values for MAX_TIME and MAX_CACHE, as they will prevent abuse. For example, with a maximum of 100 files per hour (default), TORMATE is rather useless for DoS attacks etc. In addition, limiting the file size may prevent downloading videos etc.

If you for example know, that you just need TORMATE for five resources and change less than once a day anyway, you may want to set MAX_TIME to 60*60*24 (24 hours) and MAX_CACHE to 5.

Dockerised Installation

TORMATE is also available as a Docker image at binfalse/tormate. The image has the TORMATE tool installed as index.php, so you just need to connect to the root of the webserver (without any /tormate.php or something). The application is deployed using default settings. If you want to change TORMATE's configuration, you just need to mount your configuration file over the default configuration. To create a new configuration file, you can get guidance by the tormate-config.php file in this repository. In short, you would probaly start TORMATE as this:

docker run -d -v /your/config.php:/var/www/html/tormate-config.php -p 80:80 binfalse/tormate

Navigate your web browser to that machine and you should see some message from TORMATE.


Sure, TORMATE is just a workaround and doesn't solve the problem with nasty Tor-blockers. A better solution would be to contact the owners of a website, explain the situation, and try to convince them to unblock Tor users. However, some still fear the bad traffic, which they say comes from Tor...!?
Consequently, you should avoid these Tor-blockers. Unfortunately, there are situations that still force you into requiring the content (e.g. at work). Typically, you would need to disable Tor for these Websites, but now there is TORMATE to help you getting access, without extending other software to implement exceptions or something!

Do not install TORMATE in sensitive networks! Otherwise, people may get access to machines, which aren't accessible by default. For example, an attacker could call https://tormate.url/tormate.php?url= and TORMATE will deliver the secret.html file, while the attacker regularly does not have access to (e.g. because of a firewall in between attacker and Thus, TORMATE may accidentally help people to bypass firewalls...


TORMATE - Tor's mate
Copyright (C) 2018 Martin Scharm <>

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program.  If not, see <>.


TORMATE is Tor's mate







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