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Language Model for Telugu (Indian) Language

This folder contains relevant files for creating a language model for the Telugu language from the Telugu Wikipedia corpus. The model used for the language model is the AWD-LSTM model that produces the state of the art performance on the English language, by Salesforce Research. Additional information and the larger goal of the project is here:

Language model weights are available for download here and the itos (index -> string) mapping pickle file is available for download here


  • Host the language model weights and itos (index -> string vocab pickle file) for the community to reuse the model directly
  • Add gradient clipping
  • Include the text generation code snippet to visually inspect language model (In progress)
  • Use the sentencepiece tokenizer
  • Finetune
  • Use continuous cache pointer (from here:
  • Try QRNN (from here:
  • Identify new datasets for sentiment analysis.
  • Figure out if there are any summarization datasets out there.