Movie database SPA using Amazon DynamoDB
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Single Page Web App to manage a movie database using Amazon's DynamoDB screenshot



  • node v11.6.0
  • python 3.7.2
  • quasar 0.17.19
  • vue 3.2.3

Npm's dynalite package claims to easily run local DynamoDB, but is not available for the current Node version.


Untested! (send feedback)

Ubuntu, Debian, Mint

  • sudo apt-get install python3 awscli openjdk

RedHat, Centos, Fedora

  • sudo rpm i python3 awscli openjdk

All Linux


  • Install Homebrew
  • brew install python3 --with-brewed-openssl
  • brew install awscli cask node pyenv-virtualenv pyenv-virtualenvwrapper
  • brew cask install dynamodb-local Dynamovie: A responsive, single page progressive movie database using Amazon's DynamoDB. It is possible to adapt this with your legacy web application. Uses Quasar Vue.js framework, and Python Django ReST framework.

MS Windows

Todo (send feedback)

  • Consider Cygwin or Windows 10 Bash shell


Linux may require sudo for the following

  • npm i -g eslint-plugin-vue quasar-cli vue-cli @vue/cli-init
  • git clone
  • cd dynamovie

DynyamoDB Local Setup

  • cd api/scripts
  • bash
  • bash # optional

Python Setup

  • cd api
  • python3 -m virtualenv venv
  • pip3 check
  • pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • ln -s venv .. # for your IDE

Mac & Linux users may clean up newlines for git:

  • find venv -name RECORD|xargs dos2unix -


  • ./
  • Should automatically open browser with http://localhost:8080/
  • You can debug ReST API in
  • Call ./ before closing terminal, to clean up background services
  • Edit api/dynamovie/ before running in production! Settings are not secure


This has only been tested on a desktop, with DynamoDB running on localhost. Robust static analysis has been applied, including

  • eslint
  • stylelint
  • flake8
  • pydocstyle
  • pylama

However, this code needs unit and integration testing

Road Map & Known Bugs

This code is not fully polished for production. With community support, the following will be improved:

  • Quasar is still a beta release
  • Fewest Quasar files were changed, to ease upgrades. For example, side menu is unchanged.
  • No TLS, nor authentication. Updates & deletes should be restricted for a production release.
  • API's host url setting in Index.vue should be moved to a file similar to quasar.conf.js
  • API can be richer: versioning, schema, graphql, etc
  • Pagination is currently client side, only. Server pagination is commented, untested.
  • Studios & Genres come from a limited static list
  • Move to TypeScript, just like the next version of Vue & Quasar
  • The table is too wide for mobile. Open to suggestions.
  • Sanitization disallows '&' in movie titles, for example
  • Deleting a row reloads page. Perhaps too heavy, and untested on native mobile