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Timon Wong timonwong

Meiqia Chengdu, China

Hsiaoming Yang lepture China & Japan

Kyle Simpson getify

I teach JavaScript and I'd love to come help your team's developers. If that's interesting to you, please reach out to me

Getify Solutions Austin, TX

Ian Cordasco sigmavirus24

Founder of @PyCQA. Maintainer a few Python and Ruby projects. Author of a few more Python projects. I work on @openstack, @yaml, and some other things.

@Rackspace Madison, WI

FAR sylnsfar

a college student learning Python, Linux.

Guangzhou, China

削微寒 521xueweihan

我是男的,头像是明星“朴信惠” I ‘m a man, avatar is a star picture.Her name is Park Shin Hye.


HONGXIAOLONG hongxiaolong

a programmer 🐺

Hangzhou, China

selfboot xuelangZF

A student of Computer Science, like coding, reading!

Guang Zhou

梁杰 numbbbbb

Front-end, Python, Swift. Translate and publish several books. Organizer of @atConf, @SwiftGGTeam, @Code-T. Just for fun!

Shenzhen, China

kissg Engine-Treasure

Zhejiang University of Technology China

Andrew-liu Andrew-liu

Gopher. C++ Developer, Pythoner.

NanJing University China

Lujun Zhao egrcc

Fudan University ShangHai,China

芋头 xinyu198736

Frontend&Node.js Develop Manager @souche

大搜车 china hangzhou 西湖区

hackerxu taizilongxu


Qunar Beijing

Chao Wang hit9

The Stars My Destination ✨

Eleme, Inc. ShangHai, China

piglei™ piglei

A few things I love: codes, video games and books.

Tencent ShenZhen, China

Mahmoud Hashemi mahmoud

Code goes here, but also @hatnote and @paypal. Belaboring the finer points of software on Currently focusing on code for Wiki Loves Monuments.

PayPal, Inc. San Jose, CA

wklken wklken

Pythonista. Vimer.

Tencent ShenZhen China

Zoom.Quiet ZoomQuiet

Time is unimportant, only life important! ZhuHai/Wichita,China,Earth

Joel Grus joelgrus

research engineer @allenai / author "Data Science from Scratch" / speaker / coder / dad

@allenai Seattle

Wizard Zhang wizardforcel


Dragonese Union Shanghai

迷渡 justjavac


@Flarum-Chinese Tianjin, China

Xiaoke Zhang mcxiaoke

Hello, World!

Beijing, China

kalasoo kalasoo

Crazy Monster!

XITU Beijing, China

dc dthree

Nonprofit developer. Author of Vorpal and Cash. Collaborator on @chalk .

Nonprofit Los Angeles

Mahesh Venkitachalam electronut

Founder of Electronut labs, a small business building interesting, useful electronics hardware. Author of Python Playground (No Starch Press).

Electronut Labs Bangalore, India

Anthony Zhang Uberi

University of Waterloo Waterloo, Ontario

Trey Hunner treyhunner

Python teacher, trainer, and mentor. Part of @pythonsd and @editorconfig. Thought follower. Not a ninja. Not a rock star. ✨

@TruthfulTechnology San Diego, CA

twocucao twocucao

Pythoner In Shanghai.

twocucao Shanghai,China

Barry Warsaw warsaw

I also have stuff over on


Andrey Vlasovskikh vlasovskikh

JetBrains Saint Petersburg, Russia