Examples for a Meetup Talk on Parsing Structured Text with Boost Spirit in C++
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Tutorial on Parsing Structured Text with Boost Spirit in C++

This repository contains heavily commented source code showing and explaining how to use Boost.Spirit. They were presented for a C++ Meetup evening talk on 2018-09-13 in Karlsruhe, Germany.

  • regex.cpp - How to use std::regex for regular expressions.

  • spirit1_simple.cpp - How to parse integers and lists of integers. Parses "[12345, 5, 42 ]" into a std::vector<int>.

  • spirit2_grammar.cpp - How to make larger grammars in Boost Spirit. Parses and accepts arithmetic expressions such as "1 + 2 * 3".

  • spirit3_arithmetic.cpp - How to parse arithmetic expressions using the grammar and evaluate them with semantic actions applied to the parser rules.

  • spirit4_struct.cpp - How to parse data from CSV files directly into a C++ struct. This parser can read the stock_list.txt file.

  • spirit5_ast.cpp - How to build an abstract syntax tree (AST) for arithmetic expressions. The AST can then be evaluated.

  • spirit6_ast.cpp - Continues the AST example by adding variable names and assignment operations.

  • spirit7_html.cpp - Presents a stripped-down HTML Markup parser for HTML snippets which also accepts some Markdown syntax and includes template directives which can be used to call C++ functions and embed their output.

Written by Timo Bingmann (2018)