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Appending to speed test page in doxygen and moving plots around.

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@@ -1,4 +1,8 @@
-2001-05-06 Timo Bingmann
+2011-05-17 Timo Bingmann
+ * speedtest: added results of new speed test run in 2011 and also
+ appended notes to old speed test doxygen page.
+2011-05-06 Timo Bingmann
* btree.h, others.h: implementing erase(iterator) using recursive
depth first search for the referenced leaf node.
@@ -11,4 +11,4 @@ nobase_include_HEADERS = \
stx/btree_map \
stx/btree_multiset \
stx/btree_multimap \
- stx/btree_doxygen.h
+ stx/btree.dox
@@ -185,7 +185,7 @@ nobase_include_HEADERS = \
stx/btree_map \
stx/btree_multiset \
stx/btree_multimap \
- stx/btree_doxygen.h
+ stx/btree.dox
all: all-am
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
-// $Id$
-/** \file btree_doxygen.h
+// $Id$ -*- fill-column: 79 -*-
+/** \file btree.dox
* Contains the doxygen comments. This header is not needed to compile the B+
* tree.
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
/** \mainpage STX B+ Tree Template Classes README
\author Timo Bingmann (Mail: tb a-with-circle idlebox dot net)
-\date 2008-09-07
+\date 2008-09-07 and 2011-05-17
\section sec1 Summary
@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ The idea originally arose while coding a read-only database, which used a huge
map of millions of non-sequential integer keys to 8-byte file offsets. When
using the standard STL red-black tree implementation this would yield millions
of 20-byte heap allocations and very slow search times due to the tree's
-height. So the original intension was to reduce memory fragmentation and
+height. So the original intention was to reduce memory fragmentation and
improve search times. The B+ tree solves this by packing multiple data pairs
into one node with a large number of descendant nodes.
@@ -231,35 +231,43 @@ See the extra page \ref speedtest "Speed Test Results".
/** \page speedtest Speed Test Results
-\section Experiment
+\section sec11 Speed Test Experiments
-The speed test compares the libstdc++ STL red-black tree with the implemented
-B+ tree with many different parameters. The newer STL hash table container from
-the __gnu_cxx namespace is also tested against the two trees. To keep focus on
-the algorithms and reduce data copying the multiset specializations were
-chosen. Note that the comparison between hash table and trees is somewhat
-unfair, because the hash table does not keep the keys sorted, and thus cannot
-be used for all applications.
+The B+ tree source package contains a speedtest program which compares the
+libstdc++ STL red-black tree with the implemented B+ tree with many different
+parameters. The newer STL hash table container from the __gnu_cxx namespace is
+also tested against the two trees. To keep focus on the algorithms and reduce
+data copying the multiset specializations were chosen. Note that the comparison
+between hash table and trees is somewhat unfair, because the hash table does
+not keep the keys sorted, and thus cannot be used for all applications.
Three set of test procedures are used: the first only inserts \a n random
integers into the tree / hash table. The second test first inserts \a n random
integers, then performs \a n lookups for those integers and finally erases all
\a n integers. The last test only performs \a n lookups on a tree pre-filled
with \a n integers. All lookups are successful.
-These three test sequences are preformed for \a n from 125 to 4,096,000 where
-\a n is doubled after each test run. For each \a n the test cycles are run
-until in total 8,192,000 items were inserted / lookuped. This way the measured
-speed for small \a n is averaged over up to 65,536 sample runs.
+These three test sequences are preformed for \a n from 125 to 4,096,000 or
+32,768,000 where \a n is doubled after each test run. For each \a n the test
+procedure is repeated until at least one second execution time elapses during
+the repeated cycle. This way the measured speed for small \a n is averaged over
+up to 65,536 repetitions.
-Lastly it is purpose of the test to determine a good node size for the B+
+Lastly, it is purpose of the test to determine a good node size for the B+
tree. Therefore the test runs are performed on different slot sizes; both inner
and leaf nodes hold the same number of items. The number of slots tested ranges
from 4 to 256 slots and therefore yields node sizes from about 50 to 2,048
bytes. This requires that the B+ tree template is instantiated for each of the
-probed node sizes!
+probed node sizes! In the 2011 test, only every other slot size is actually
-The speed test source code is compiled with g++ 4.1.2 -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer
+Two test results are included in the package: one done in
+\ref sec12 "2007 with version 0.7" and another done in
+\ref sec13 "2011 with version 0.8.5".
+\section sec12 Results 2007
+The speed test source code was compiled with g++ 4.1.2 -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer
\attention Compilation of the speed test with -O3 takes very long and requires
much RAM. It is not automatically built when running "make all".
@@ -270,10 +278,10 @@ gcc. More work is needed to get g++ to optimize as well as icc.
The results are be displayed below using gnuplot. All tests were run on a
Pentium4 3.2 GHz with 2 GB RAM. A high-resolution PDF plot of the following
-images can be found in the package at speedtest/speedtest.pdf
+images can be found in the package at speedtest/results-2007/speedtest.pdf
-\image html speedtest-plot-01.png
-\image html speedtest-plot-02.png
+\image html speedtest-2007-01.png
+\image html speedtest-2007-02.png
The first two plots above show the absolute time measured for inserting \a n
items into seven different tree variants. For small \a n (the first plot) the
@@ -291,9 +299,9 @@ the B+ tree (with 32 slots) performs much better than the STL multiset. The STL
hash table resizes itself in defined intervals, which leads to non-linearly
increasing insert times.
-\image html speedtest-plot-03.png
+\image html speedtest-2007-03.png
-\image html speedtest-plot-04.png
+\image html speedtest-2007-04.png
The last plots goal is to find the best node size for the B+ tree. It displays
the total measured time of the insertion test depending on the number of slots
@@ -308,9 +316,9 @@ insertion time was measured. Instead in the first plot a whole
insert/find/delete cycle was performed and measured. The second plot is
restricted to the lookup / find part.
-\image html speedtest-plot-07.png
+\image html speedtest-2007-07.png
-\image html speedtest-plot-11.png
+\image html speedtest-2007-11.png
The results for the trees are in general accordance to those of only
insertion. However the hash table implementation performs much faster in both
@@ -324,4 +332,29 @@ table slows down: lookup time more than doubles. However, after doubling, the
lookup time does not change much: lookup on tables with 1 million items takes
approximately the same time as with 4 million items.
+\section sec13 Results 2011
+In 2011, after some smaller patches and fixes to the main code, I decided to
+rerun the old speed test on my new hardware and with up-to-date compilers.
+The speedtest source code was compiled on a x86_64 architecture using gcc 4.4.5
+with flags -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer. It was run in an Intel Core i7 950 clocked at 3,07 GHz. According to cpuinfo, this processor contains 8 MB L2 cache.
+The full results of the newly run tests are found in the package at
+\image html speedtest-2011-03.png
+This plot is maybe the most interesting, especially compared with the old run
+from 2007. Again the B+ tree multiset implementation is faster than the
+red-black tree for large number of items in the tree. However, due to the
+faster hardware and larger cache sizes, the average insertion speed plots
+diverge notable at around 100,000 items instead of at 16,000 items for the
+older Pentium 4 CPU. Nevertheless, the graphs diverge for larger \a n in
+approximately the same fashion as in the older plots.
+This lets one assume that the basic cache hierarchy architecture has not
+changed and the B+ tree implementation still works much better for larger item
+counts than the red-black tree.

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