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A layout component for nuby-exress.js.

nuby-express.js Layouts

One or more layouts can be created in a "layout" folder. This folder can exist in any component, including the root of the NE project. Once defined and loaded a layout can be selected by setting the "layout_name" property of the config file. A layout name can also be specificied dynamically in the body of an action by specifying the "layout_name" property of the output.

Layouts only apply to rendered content. Raw JSON output through rs.send(props) do not get enclosed in layouts.


  • view/template.html : the actual template: must have a <%- body %> insert. the view directory can contain other bound templates.


  • config.json : a JSON file with the following (optional) properties:

    • name : (string) the name by which the layout can be called in actions; by default, the name of the layout folder
    • prefix_path : the URL prefix to static files in the (optional) public folder.
  • public : a directory of static resources, optionally prefixed by the configuration above.


Layouts, once loaded, can be accessed by any action in the project. There is no cross-component namespacing of layouts, so uniqueness of layouts has to be enforced by you.

There are two basic layouts included with this component: empty and html.

  • empty is a layout suitable for non-html output (xml, JSON, file data); the raw body data is output without any encapsulating contentt.
  • html is an unstyled layout that is a good starting point for a custom layout. It works with the css/flash/js view helpers to transport named resources into your layout.

The Admin and Blog components have more extensive examples of layout usage.