Blocks one or more callbacks til a set of asynchronoous actions complete
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Its pretty easy to have a callback respond to a single action, or a series of chained actions.

What if you want to have a callback respond to several asynchronous actions, at the time that they are ALL done?

gate, short for aggregate, is meant to fill in that role. 


var gate = new require('gate')(
  function(){ console.log('done'); }

for (var i = 0; i < 10; ++i) {
setTimeout(gate.task_done, Math.random() * 10000); // note - we have no idea when the task done will be fired off - nor do we need to. 

gate.start(); // at this point an interval function will check to see if all the tasks are done and will call the callback if they are. 

*************** WARNING *********************

this is the first commit - no testing has been done yet!