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A directory comparison system using hive-loader/node.js. Compares two or more directories.

The comparisons have three possible "depths":

  1. path only -- checks the file/directory paths for added or missing files, but ignores content (comp == 'list');
  2. size -- does a stat, and notes files that are the same name, but different sizes. (comp = 'size')
  3. content -- compares file content on a byte level (using the filecompare module). (comp = 'full')

Note that tests that fail a simpler test will not be subjected to higher tests; that is, if a file is not found in all the directories you pass in, the instances of it that do exist will not be compared by size/content.


To compare two or more directories, simply call

	var dd = new ndd.Dir_Diff(
			path.resolve(root, 'test_1'),
			path.resolve(root, 'test_2'),
			path.resolve(root, 'test_3')

	dd.compare(function (err, result) {
		if (result.deviation > 0){
			console.log('you have %s deviations!', result.deviation);

Any number of directories can be passed in; if the comparison mode is omitted, 'list' is assumed.

The first item in the list is taken as the "normal" directory; this won't affect deviations, but it does explain what the basis is for report elements like "added" or "missing".


The feedback to the callback is a report object:

		root_dirs:    [the input to dir_diff],
		added:		  [info]
		dirs:         {dir_hash}
		file_status:  [file-dir-status],
		dir_status:   [file-dir-status],
		deviation:    posint,
		deviations:   [deviation-report],
		common_files: common_files,
		added:        added,
		missing:      missing

Most of the report is work product; the deviation and deviations properties are the most significant elements of the report.

where info is

 		subpath: string (relative to root dir),
 		path:    string (absolute pate to file),
 		type:    string ('file' or 'dir'),
 		root:    string (the root dir)

dir-hash is

		'root_dir': ['dir paths...'],
		'root_dir': ['dir paths...']

file-dir-status is

			dir: 'root_dir',
			 devaition: posint,
			 added:[ 'subpath'... 'subpath']
			 missing: ['subpath' ... 'subpath']
		 ... {}

deviation-report is

		"type":    "string",
		"info":    "string" | info,
		"variant": "added" | "removed" (optional);

see the "sample output.json" file in test resources.