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(perl) a small lightweight SmokeBox

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POE-based framework for automated CPAN Testing.

Supports multiple backends, including:

	- CPAN::YACSmoke
	- CPAN::Reporter


The minimum version of perl supported is 5.6. This does not preclude CPAN testing of
perls less than this, as the testing framework and the testing targets are two distinct

The included test-suite requires the following modules:

	Test::More 0.47
	File::Spec 0
	Test::POE::Server::TCP 0.12

The following modules are required:

	Config::Tiny => 2.12
	File::Spec => 0
	Pod::Usage => 1.00
	Time::Duration => 1.06
	POE => 1.0001
	POE::Component::SmokeBox => 0.06
	POE::Component::SmokeBox::Recent => 1.00;
	POE::Component::SmokeBox::Dists => 0.08;

The recommended method of installation as always is to use either CPAN or CPANPLUS
so that the dependencies are automagically dealt with for you and you have the option
of sending test reports during installation >:)

Any bug reports, feature requests, send an email to
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