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POE::Component::IRC::Service ============================

1). Background:

POE::Component::IRC::Service is a POE (Perl Object Environment) component which
provides a convenient way for POE applications to create an IRC Service.

Much of the code was based on POE::Component::IRC. If you are familiar with
that module then you shouldn't have too many problems with this one :)

2). Implementation:

POE::Component::IRC::Service implements a POE session which connects to the IRC
Network and sends all IRC traffic as events to each interested POE session
which registers with it. Events are prefixed with 'irc_<protocol>_' where
<protocol> is currently either 'hyb' or 'p10', supporting Hybrid-7.0+ and
ircu2.10.11.04+. Other ircd protocols may be forthcoming, subject to suitable
testing environments becoming available to me :)

NOTE: Hybrid support is not fully supported yet and the wrapper module will
choke if you try and invoke it. I hope to have this sorted soon.

Hybrid: Tested with Hybrid-7.0 http://www.ircd-hybrid.org

P10: Tested with asuka-1.06 http://dev-com.quakenet.org/

The component will also track all IRC network events itself and keeps a record
of the current IRC network "state" such as all users and channels. This
information is stored in an object which is returned when the component is
created. Public methods are available to query this information.

As the component tracks IRC network state it acts like an ircd and uses network
bursts to inform the uplink server on connection of its current users and
channels. The component has been written in such a way that if there are any
nickname collisions, the Service clients will always take precedence over
existing clients. Also, Service clients will always be guaranteed to retain
operator status on any channels they have joined. These are "features".

3). Quirky Features :)

The module will automatically deal with the following events:-


Automatically pongs the uplink in response to pings.


The module will automatically do the right thing with WHOIS requests. It will
always report an idle time of 0 seconds.


The module will automatically deal with "u" STATS requests. Any other query is
quietly ignored.

Network Burst Management:-

As soon as the component is created and started it is possible to add clients
and join them to channels. When the component is requested to CONNECT to its
uplink server it connects and receives the current network state from the
uplink server. There are two circumstances where the component will "kludge":

An incoming nickname matches one of the components nicknames ( ie. one of our
service bots ). The component will adjust the timestamp of the existing
nickname by subtracting 30 seconds. This means that when our clients are
bursted to the uplink, the matching client will be KILLed.

An incoming channel already exists in the components list of channels ( ie. one
of our service bots is on a channel ). The component will adjust the timestamp
of the existing channel so it is consistent with the IRC network. When we burst
in our version of the channel, any service bots will retain their operator +o


This module is provided "as is". No money back. No guarantees.