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# This is the most succinct IRC logger bot script in the history of the universe
# Author: Hinrik Örn Sigurðsson, <>
use strict;
use warnings;
use POE;
use POE::Component::IRC::State;
use POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::AutoJoin;
use POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::Logger;
my $nick = 'mylogbot';
my $server = 'irc.blahblah.irc';
my @channels = ('#chan1', '#chan2');
my $path = "$ENV{HOME}/irclogs";
my $irc = POE::Component::IRC::State->spawn(
Server => $server,
Nick => $nick,
$irc->plugin_add('AutoJoin', POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::AutoJoin->new( Channels => \@channels ));
$irc->plugin_add('Logger', POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::Logger->new( Path => $path ));