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    POE::Component::Server::SimpleHTTP::PreFork - PreForking support for

            use POE;
            use POE::Component::Server::SimpleHTTP::PreFork;

            # Start the server!
                    'ALIAS'         =>      'HTTPD',
                    'ADDRESS'       =>      '',
                    'PORT'          =>      11111,
                    'HOSTNAME'      =>      'MySite.com',
                    'HANDLERS'      =>      [
                                    'DIR'           =>      '^/bar/.*',
                                    'SESSION'       =>      'HTTP_GET',
                                    'EVENT'         =>      'GOT_BAR',
                                    'DIR'           =>      '^/$',
                                    'SESSION'       =>      'HTTP_GET',
                                    'EVENT'         =>      'GOT_MAIN',
                                    'DIR'           =>      '^/foo/.*',
                                    'SESSION'       =>      'HTTP_GET',
                                    'EVENT'         =>      'GOT_NULL',
                                    'DIR'           =>      '.*',
                                    'SESSION'       =>      'HTTP_GET',
                                    'EVENT'         =>      'GOT_ERROR',

                    # In the testing phase...
                    'SSLKEYCERT'            =>      [ 'public-key.pem', 'public-cert.pem' ],

                    # In the testing phase...
                    'FORKHANDLERS'          =>      { 'HTTP_GET' => 'FORKED' },
                    'MINSPARESERVERS'       =>      5,
                    'MAXSPARESERVERS'       =>      10,
                    'MAXCLIENTS'            =>      256,
                    'STARTSERVERS'          =>      10,
                    'IPC_GLUE'              =>      'uniq',
            ) or die 'Unable to create the HTTP Server';

            Subclass of SimpleHTTP for PreForking support

New Constructor Options
                 An integer that tells the server how many spares should be in the pool at any given
                 time. Processes are forked off at a rate of 1 a second until this limit is met.

                 An integer that tells the server the maximum number of spares that may be in the pool
                 at any given time. It is possible for more than this number of spares to exist, but at the very
                 least the parent will stop forking requests off and the children will start to die eventually.

                 If this value is less than MINSPARESERVERS then it is set to MINSPARESERVERS + 1.

                 An integer that tells the server the maximum number of clients that will be
                 created. After this limit is reached, no more spares will be forked, even if the number drops below

                 An integer that tells the server how many processes to prefork at startup.

                 A HASH where the keys are sessions and the values are events. When a child forks,
                 before it begins accepting connections it will call these events on the specified
                 sessions. This allows you to setup per-process resources (such as database
                 connections, ldap connects, etc). These events will never be called for the

                 A string containing either an integer or 4 characters specifying the key/glue
                 for the underlying parent/child IPC communication.
                 Running multiple instances of POE::Component::Server::SimpleHTTP::PreFork
                 on the same host without using this option with different values
                 almost guarantees some chaos.

  New Events
                Returns true if you are inside a child, false if you are in the parent.

                This event accepts 2 arguments: the session + event to send the response to.

                This even will send back the current FORKHANDLERS hash ( deep-closed via
                Storable::dclone ).

                The resulting hash can be played around to your tastes, then once you are done...

                This event accepts only one argument: reference to FORKHANDLERS hash.

                BEWARE: this event is disabled in a forked child.

Miscellaneous Notes
            BEWARE: HANDLERS munging is disabled in a forked child. Also, handlers changed in
            the parent will not appear in the already forked children.

            BEWARE: for a child, calling {STOP,START}LISTEN does not {destroy,recreate} the
            SOCKETFACTORY like it does in the parent. Instead, the child will {pause,resume}
            accepting connections on the current SOCKETFACTORY. Also, {STOP,START}LISTEN does
            not have any effect on the scoreboard calculations: this child will still
            be marked a spare if it finishes all its requests.

            The shutdown event is altered a little bit
                    GRACEFUL -> sends a TERM signal to all remaining children and waits for their death
                    NOARGS -> kills all remaining children with prejudice

            Keep in mind that being forked means any global data is not shared between processes and etc. Please see perlfork for all the implications on your platform.

New Compile-time constants
    Checking spares every second may be a bit too much for you. You can
    override this behavior by doing this:

            sub POE::Component::Server::SimpleHTTP::PreFork::CHECKSPARES_INTERVAL () { 10 }
            use POE::Component::Server::SimpleHTTP::PreFork;

    If the prefork failed because it could not obtain shared memory for the
    scoreboard, then if retries after 5 seconds. You can override this
    behavior by doing this:

            sub POE::Component::Server::SimpleHTTP::PreFork::PREFORK_INTERVAL () { 10 }
            use POE::Component::Server::SimpleHTTP::PreFork;

    If you would like to see the contents of the scoreboard every second
    then do this:

            sub POE::Component::Server::SimpleHTTP::PreFork::DEBUGSB () { 1 }
            use POE::Component::Server::SimpleHTTP::PreFork;



    Apocalypse <apocal@cpan.org> Stephen Butler <stephen.butler@gmail.com>

    Copyright 2006 by Apocalypse + Stephen Butler

    This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
    under the same terms as Perl itself.