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DI Container

A lightweight replacement of Swinject dependency injection framework, that doesn't requires framework recompilation after each Xcode update. It was very annoying to get every time the error about Swift incompatible swiftmodule versions like

Module compiled with Swift 4.2 cannot be imported by the Swift 5.0 compiler

This error often wasted my time, so I decided to use native solution, that doesn't required recompilation of framework. It's quite simple to determine the proper object to given protocol, so why not using own DI container


  • Support the same interface like Swinject, so you don't need to rewrite an existing Swinject based DI Container
  • Support transient aka temporary and container aka singleton object scopes
  • Don't require each time recompilation for module compatibility
  • Thread-safe registreing and resolving of dependencies

Usage example

It's still mostly the same like in Swinject, except advanced rarely used features

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