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A command line application developed in Java programming language. The main purpose of this project is to act as a qualification test of mastering of Java.


Manage addresses by adding, searching and removing address entries.

Must be implemented features

  • address entry data structure

    • name of the person

    • mobile number of the person

    • home address of the person

  • start interactive command line application

    sh> java -jar ab.jar

    ab> _

  • use add command to add new address entry

    ab> add

    name: xiaoming

    mobile: 18888888888

    address: xiaoming jia

    address entry added

    ab> _

  • use search command to get one or more address entries

    ab> search

    by (name|mobile|address): name

    name: xiaoming

    one can search by name, mobile or address, regular expression can be used to query. if more than one entires are matched, they should be all displayed.

  • use remove command to remove one or more address entries

    ab> delete

    by (name|mobile|address): name

    name: xiao.*

    two address entries deleted

    ab> _

    one can remove by name, mobile or address, regular expression can be used to query. if more than one entries are matched, they should be all removed.

  • get help

    ab> !help

    then help message should be displayed, and when encoutering invalid command, help message should also be displayed.

  • quit from the application

    ab> !quit

    sh> _

Nonfunctional requirement

  • project must be managed by Maven, latest version of v3

  • unit test is a must

    • coverage should be higher than 85%, and Cobertura should be use to measure
  • javadoc for public interface/class/method is a must

  • both Java code and XML should be well-formatted

    • NEVER use tab for indentation
  • XML should be used as backend persistent storage

    • it is only allowed to use JDK builtin DOM implementation
  • ExecutorService should be used to handle commands

  • Maven assembly plugin should be used to assemble the application

    • mvn clean install, then everything should be ready, and one can find assembled application under target folder
  • DO NOT store any IDE specific files into git repository

  • if there is any fault in this readme, please also fix it or submit an issue


Fork me and use pull request to submit changes to develop branch. Anything unclear about the feature, fire issue.