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What's new


Now you can disable global shortcut(CtrlOrCommand + Alt + M for example) to avoid conflict with another apps or sites. #19

Copy to clipboard

--shots learned to save screenshots to clipboard(Settings -> Copy to clipboard). #20

Home folder

--shots folder is unnecessary. So, you could remove it. #16

All your progress will be lost. Are you sure?

Fixed behaviour of these messagebox. #18


Now settings have live reload (without restarting app).


🦇 shots.pacman has returned! 🦇

New sticker

Where do without it?

One moment

When you'll update --shots to v1.1.0 some of your settings could be reseted. All previous versions are deprecated.

_Thank you @YanLobat and @orschiro for help with these release!_

That's all, folks.
_Thanks for your support!_