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binjr v1.3.0

@fthevenet fthevenet released this
· 1429 commits to master since this release
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  • [New] It is now possible to more than one chart representation to a single worksheet. All charts have independent Y axis, with their own scale and unit, but share the same X axis (which represent time).
    Charts on a single worksheet can be of different types (line, area, scatter points, etc...)
    The User Interface has been extended to cater for that new core functionality:

    • Y axis boundaries are new settable on a per-chart basis (rather than a per- worksheet).
    • Time series bindings can now be dragged and dropped onto any existing charts, a new chart or a new worksheet.
    • Chart titles, unit names and unit prefixes can now be changed after a worksheet/chart has been created.
    • Time series in a chart can be selected/deselected all at once.
  • [Breaking Change] The file format used to persist workspaces had to be changed significantly in order to accommodate features introduced in this release and is no longer compatible with the format used in versions prior to 1.3.0.
    Note that neither ascending nor descending compatibility is provided; files created in binjr v1.3.0+ cannot be loaded in older versions and files created in older versions cannot be loaded by binjr v1.3.0+.