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binjr v2.0.0

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Starting with version 2.0.0, binjr is built to run on Java 11 and beyond.

Please note that it does not run on previous version of Java.

If you require a version that runs on Java 8, you can use the latest releases versioned 1.x.x.

  • [New] Built to run on Java 11 and beyond, and use the new standalone distribution of OpenJFX (
    The platform specific packages above contain all required dependencies, including the Java runtime; simply download the one for your OS, unpack it and run "binjr" to start.
  • [New] It is now possible to link the time line of two or more independent worksheets (i.e. change the time range on one worksheet also affect all linked worksheets).
  • [New] It is now possible to copy/paste a time range from one worksheet to another.
  • [New] Removed the modal dialog shown when adding a new worksheet; instead new worksheet are set to editable mode upon creation.
  • [Fixed] Clicking the "OK" button on new source dialog has no effect when the source adapter is loaded from a faulty plugin.