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binjr v2.4.0

@fthevenet fthevenet released this
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  • [API Change] Removed type parameters from the following classes from the Data Adapter API:
    • DataAdapter<T> is replaced by DataAdapter
    • BaseDataAdapter<T> is replaced by BaseDataAdapter
    • HttpDataAdapter<T, A extends Decoder> is replaced by HttpDataAdapter
    • Decoder<T> is replaced by Decoder
    • TimeSeriesBinding<T> is replaced by TimeSeriesBinding
    • TimeSeriesInfo<T> is replaced by TimeSeriesInfo
    • TimeSeriesProcessor<T> is replaced by TimeSeriesProcessor
  • [New] Added a "Settings" button to source panes.
  • [New] Added an option to hide the source pane (Command bar menu "Sources > Hide Source Pane" or Ctrl+L)
  • [New] Added an option to hide charts legend (Worksheet toolbar "Hide Charts Legends" or Ctrl+B)
  • [New] Added an option to span the vertical bar of the selection crosshair over the height of all charts in a
    worksheets using a stacked layout (Command bar "Settings > Charts > Hide Source Pane > Span crosshair over all charts")
  • [New] Buttons in a worksheet's toolbar will now overflow to a menu pane if there is not enough space to display all
    of them all at once.
  • [New] A visual indication now identifies the currently selected charts on worksheets when there are more than one.
  • [New] Clicking on a chart's title in the graphing area new selects it and expands its legend in the bottom pane.
  • [New] Added support for small numbers unit prefix (m = milli, µ = micro, n = nano, etc...) for formatting Y axis values.
  • [New] Added confirmation dialog when closing one or several worksheet tabs.
  • [Fixed] A memory leak that occurs when adding, moving or changing the type of a chart in an existing worksheet.
  • [Fixed] Uncaught exception when entering a negative range for a chart's Y axis causes a worksheet to become.
  • [Fixed] Keyboard shortcuts do no work on detached tab windows.
  • [Fixed] Dialog boxes are sometime drawn with a null width and height on some Linux/KDE platforms.