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binjr v2.5.0

@fthevenet fthevenet released this
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  • [New] Updates can now be downloaded and applied from within the application.
  • [New] binjr now remembers its main window's screen position in-between sessions.
  • [New] Added a new "Presentation Mode" that maximize the amount of space dedicated to the visualization of charts by hiding the source pane, chart settings pane and displays the chart legends in a condensed view.
  • [New] The snapshot functionality has been enhanced to automatically take a snapshot of the whole charts display area of a worksheet, even if this area requires scrolling when displayed in the application.
  • [New] Embedded OpenJDK in application bundle has been updated to version 12.
  • [New] Defaults to the new Shenandoah garbage collector with the "compact" heuristics, which allows for a larger maximum heap size while keeping actual memory usage reasonable when a large heap is no longer required.
  • [New] Warn end-users when trying to add a large number of series to a single chart at once.
  • [New] History of previously opened sources is now accessible via a combo box on the selection dialog (as well as through the existing auto-completion feature).
  • [New] Charts vertical axis label are now hilited on mouse-over, to better indicate that they are clickable (clicking on an axis selects the chart as the one currently editable when more than one chart are present on a worksheet).
  • [Fixed] Unsightly UI theme application on start-up or when detaching tabs.
  • [Fixed] If "Span crosshair over all charts" is true and "auto scale Y axis" is off, then selecting a new time range using the mouse results in incorrectly changing the Y axis scale.
  • [Fixed] Selecting a timezone in time picker sometime doesn't register.
  • [Fixed] Synchronizing timelines across worksheets is broken.
  • [Fixed] UI becomes unresponsive when output console displays a large number of lines (>20000).
  • [Fixed] Check for a new versions fails due to Github API rate limit being reached.