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binjr v2.6.0

@fthevenet fthevenet released this
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  • [New] Ability to drag branches with many sub levels from the tree and have them rendered as separate charts on a worksheet.
  • [New] Better visual feedback when hovering above a worksheet during a drag and drop operation.
  • [New] Ability to select multiple nodes from the source tree to drag onto a worksheet.
  • [New] Added a filter functionality to the source tree.
  • [New] It is now possible to remove a chart or invoke its property page directly from buttons located on top of the chart's Y axis.
  • [New] The position and size of the various resizable panes in the UI are now saved alongside the rest of a workspace, so that its appearance can be fully restored on reload.
  • [New] Charts legends pane in edit mode can now be scrolled up and down when many charts are added to a single worksheet.
  • [Fixed] Vertical scrollbar on chart view in stacked layout hides part of the graph and causes an horizontal scrollbar to appear.
  • [Fixed] The "path" column in the chart legend table doesn't fill up the pane.