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Welcome to binjr's wiki

binjr is a time series data browser; its purpose is to render time series data produced and stored by other applications, and to navigate these rendition as fluently as possible, using the mouse to zoom in and out on dynamically composed charts, created by the end user on the fly.

It is a standalone client application, that runs independently from the applications that produce the data; there are no application server or server side components dedicated to binjr that needs to be installed on the source.
Like a generic SQL browser only requires a driver to connect and retrieve data from a given DBMS, binjr only needs one specifically written piece of code - here called a data adapter - to enable the dialog with a specific source of time series data.

This is the place where you'll find help and documentation on running and using binjr.

The following help topics are available:

Getting started

Supported sources



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